vajra armor mantra

Rinpoche has suggested that we make the recitation of the Vajra Armor Mantra (Dorje Gotrap) part of our daily practice. Pema Ledrestel originally offered this mantra to his community as a practice of cutting through the hope and fear that we often feel in times of trouble.

Rinpoche said visualizing Guru Rinpoche while saying the mantra is helpful but saying it with devotion to the lineage masters and the intention to cut through hope and fear is surely enough.

If you right-click on the image, you can save it to your computer. Please give a copy of the mantra to anyone you think will find it to be helpful.

empowerment postponed

Given the rising rate of corona virus infections in Oregon and Washington and the increasing risk of serious illness to retreat participants, Rinpoche has decided to postpone the Chod and Phowa Empowerment until September.

Rinpoche asks that each of us keep up our meditation practice and take care of ourselves, families, and community by following the advice of public health officials. He is holding each of us in his daily practice.

We will also post the new dates here as soon as we have them.

chod and phowa empowerment (cancelled)

April 2020 in Vancouver, Washington

Rinpoche will give the empowerments for Chod and Phowa in Vancouver, Washington on April 4th and 5th of this year.

We will receive teachings on two of Rinpoche’s heart practices, Bellowing Laugh of the Dakini Chod and the Phowa Which Accomplishes Buddhahood Without Meditation. Please join us for this rare opportunity to learn Chod and Phowa from an authentic master and yogi.

The retreat will be held at the Hilton Vancouver Washington. The retreat organizers have reserved a limited number of discounted rooms at the hotel, which you may reserve by using this room reservation link or calling the hotel and asking for the Lama Wangdu courtesy room block.