A Pal Gyi Ling Monk waiting to begin Chod Cham

Teaching and Practice in Nepal – As Abbot of Pal Gyi Ling Monastery, Lama Wangdu Rinpoche is guiding the training approximately two dozen monks in the traditions of Shije, Chod and the Longchen Nyingthig. This training, beginning with classical Tibetan and the basics of ritual practice and culminating in a three year closed retreat, takes more than a decade and combines study with extensive practice.

At the monastery, lay practitioners also participate in scheduled practice sessions, Chod feasts and Cham. There is no formal training program; aspiring Chodpas learn-by-doing and asking questions of other practitioners. Inquire around the Boudha Stupa and you will likely meet someone that comes to the monastery to practice; ask if you can tag along!

Rinpoche rarely gives public teachings in Nepal. When he does, talks are in Tibetan and without translation. Western students that wish to ask Lama Wangdu questions about practice can visit him during his public audience hours, though given the number of people that wish to see him, interviews are typically quite short. Having distilled your questions and having a good translator in tow is usually helpful.

Teaching and Practice in the United States – First invited by Swami Chetananda of the Movement Center, to teach Chod, Rinpoche came to the United State more than a decade ago. During these early visits, Rinpoche gave empowerments and practice instructions for Chod and related practices and sponsored translations of the necessary practice texts. Today the center has a thriving community that meets weekly. Contact the Movement Center at to learn when Rinpoche is leading practice there.

Over the years, Rinpoche has also visited Dharma and Tibetan Community Centers in Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado, and New York to offer empowerments and teachings, primarily on Chod and Phowa. Often practice groups form after these teachings; check the Phadampa website for one example.  More inclined to be a yogi than abbot, Lama Wangdu Rinpoche has not established a Dharma Center in the United States. If your Center would like to sponsor a teaching by Lama Wangdu Rinpoche, please contact us at

Rinpoche with students after Chod EmpowermentIn the United States, Rinpoche’s teachings and the related texts are translated and transliterated into English. Although practitioners should learn by studying the English texts, the liturgies are often sung to ancient melodies that don’t translate well and Rinpoche only teaches them in Tibetan. Rinpoche also encourages new practitioners to learn by doing and his teaching programs are long on practice and short on discussion!

The best way to learn about upcoming teachings by Rinpoche is to join the email list, which you can do on the contact page. Updates on his teaching and travel schedule are also posted on this website.