IMG_1754Each day, Lama Wangdu Rinpoche opens his doors to the community for three or four hours and Nepalis, Tibetans and foreigners of every sort come to ask for Rinpoche’s blessing, ask questions, receive healing or pay their respects. All are invited to have a seat, enjoy some Tibetan or sweet tea, and meet individually with Rinpoche. Everyone leaves with a sack of food that has been blessed by Rinpoche, along with ritual items such as protection cords, salts or incense. On some days, Rinpoche will see two or three hundred people; rarely do fewer than one hundred show up.

On holy days and major holidays, Rinpoche invites the public to participate in, or watch, the practice of Chod and stay for lunch. The shrine hall is usually packed with monks and lay practitioners, along with an audience that spills out into the courtyard. As he does during his public audiences, Rinpoche greets each guest individually and offers them food that has been blessed by the feast.  Several times a year, rather than practice at the monastery, Rinpoche, the monks and staff offer this Chod feast at other places such as the Boudhanath Stupa or at the old folks home in Pashupatinath.

These feasts, public audiences and the training of a new generation of monks are supported by donations from sponsors. The monastery has no endowment and receives no government support. Without the help of people like you, it would be impossible for Rinpoche to house, clothe, feed, and train monks, preserve and transmit the lineages of Chod, Shije, and the Longchen Nyingthig or serve Nepal’s Tibetan and Nepali Tibetan communities as he does.

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