visiting rinpoche in kathmandu

Rinpoche has returned to Pal Gyi Ling Monastery in Kathmandu and will be in residence there until further notice.  If you would like to visit, he has regular public audience hours.

Public audience hours begin at 8:30AM, when the front gate of the monastery is opened.  The monastery gate is closed at 10:30AM. You must be inside before this time if you wish to meet with Rinpoche. Public audience hours end at approximately 11:30AM.

There are often many people wishing to see Rinpoche on any given day. Please be prepared for a wait, most of which will be outside.  Individual meetings are brief and held in his public audience room.  Rinpoche speaks Tibetan and Nepali; his grand-daughter, who is also his assistant, can translate from English into Tibetan.  If you speak another language, please bring a Tibetan or English-speaking translator with you.

Public audiences are normally held every day but may be cancelled or shortened without notice. If you arrive during the normal audience hours and find the gate locked, please return another time to visit.