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Rinpoche in Portland

Rinpoche has returned to Portland after visiting New York, meeting with many of his students, attending the Dalai Lama’s teachings and leading Chod practice at the Shije Center.  He is currently leading Chod practice at the Movement Center most Friday and Saturday evenings. Please check their website for dates and times.

Rinpoche may also give reading transmissions and empowerments for several practices from the Shije tradition of Padampa Sangye later this year. More information will be posted here – and sent out through the email list – as soon as we have it.

Finally, watch for a new section on the website which will provide access to videos of practice sessions at Pal Gyi Ling monastery.

Rinpoche in New York

Rinpoche will be in New York for several weeks beginning on July 6th. There are no teachings scheduled but he will be seeing visitors.  After July 1st, you can schedule an appointment with Rinpoche by calling Mingyur at 646.404.4562 or Dechen at 503.701.7013.  Please don’t call before 9AM or after 7PM. Thank you!

earthquake on may 12th

Nepal was hit with another earthquake at around noon Kathmandu time today. The USGS measured the earthquake at 7.3 and there were at least three strong aftershocks. Rinpoche, his family, monks and staff were not injured and have moved to an outdoor camp. There was new damage to the monastery buildings but we do not know the extent.

Many buildings in Kathmandu were damaged and there are many injuries, both inside and outside the valley. Please keep the people of Nepal and the surrounding areas affected by the earthquakes and their aftermath in your practice and prayers.

The monastery is closed. Please do not try to visit until Rinpoche re-opens it.

earthquake update – monastery closed

Rinpoche has closed the monastery for repairs for approximately one month. It is not safe for visitors to be on the grounds now. Please do not come to the monastery until Rinpoche announces that it is okay to do so.

The Chod empowerment, scheduled for today, was cancelled due damage to the shrine hall. We will post an annoucement when it is rescheduled.

Thank you!

earthquake relief fund

if you would like to make a gift to support Lama Wangdu Rinpoche, the monks and staff of Pal Gyi Ling Monastery and the community of people they are helping, please send an email to We will respond with information on how to make a direct gift.

Please remember that gifts to Lama Wangdu and Pal Gyi Ling are not tax deductible under US law.